Sunday, September 03, 2006

Nice start

Not a bad start at all for the Husker football team. We got to see that Zac Taylor does indeed have a great grasp of Bill Callahan's offense. If not for a handful of drops, his statistics would have been even more outstanding. It was interesting to see all those tight ends catching balls. Where was that last year? Callahan has an interesting way of calling plays. Yes, in the end it may be a balanced offense, but it seems as if one drive will be all runs, then the next all passes. That happened more than once on Saturday, not that that's necessarily a bad thing, but it's just different than you generally see.
The four I-backs all ran well. Brandon Jackson's TD run in the fourth quarter was particularly exciting, although it did come against a tired La. Tech defense. We only saw Kenny Wilson's burst of speed once on a TD run in the first quarter that was called back because of a penalty, but it was enough to see that when he gets in the open, look out.
The offensive line looks to be much improved. Slausen and Nicks are real men in there. Those guys are going to have a real impact this season.
The defensive front looked pretty good as expected. The backfield ... now there's a question mark, especially with Grisby and Fluellen getting dinged up on Saturday. We'll see where that goes. Anytime you have recently converted receivers in the d-backfield like Fluellen, it's got to be a concern for the coaching staff.

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