Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cook's not happy

Nebraska volleyball coach John Cook was obviously not terribly pleased after his team downed No. 20 San Diego in its season opener on Tuesday. The first game was spectacular for the Huskers, but then their passing and ball handling broke down for much of the final two games. When passing and ball handling break down, the hitting percentage is sure to follow. On the plus side, the athletic ability of former setter and new libero Dani Busboom was obvious. Busboom made a number of outstanding defensive plays, plays the Huskers wouldn't have made a year ago. Redshirt freshman setter Rachel Holloway made some similar plays. She took the blame for the poor hitting percentage, but any coach knows that the passing has to be there or the setter doesn't have a chance.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Keller now a Husker

It appears Sam Keller is officially a Husker. Reports are Bill Callahan confirmed after practice Wednesday that Keller is joining the program. He'll be eligible to play in 2007. No doubt Callahan feels like Christmas came early this year. Keller is a proven quarterback, something the Huskers would have been missing next year after Zac Taylor graduates. He was also supposed to be one of the top senior QBs in the nation this season before his problems at Arizona State. Keller still will have to compete for the starting job, but you have to think he'll be the No. 1 candidate to replace Taylor when spring practice begins.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

What's up Doc?

Doc Sadler has been busy in his first couple of weeks as new Nebraska men's basketball coach. Get Aleks Maric back? Check. Get Jamal White back? Check. Spread as much good will as possible in as little time as possible? Check. Get fans talking about basketball right before football season? Check. Well, maybe not talking a lot about basketball. This is Nebraska after all. Football is, was, and always will be king, but I believe - make that I know - there's a spot for Nebraska basketball in the hearts of NU fans. We saw it in the early 1990s before Danny Nee wore out his welcome. The Devaney Center was rocking back then. Doc and his guys may never make a Final Four, but I know they will make things interesting, if not this year then maybe in 2007-08. In this state when you say T.O. everybody knows you're talking about Tom Osborne, not the other T.O. of the Dallas Cowboys. Someday when you say "Doc," everyone will know you're talking about NU basketball.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Two weeks till kickoff

We're only two weeks away from the kickoff for the 2006 college football field. Are you ready for some football? I certainly am, and I think the Husker will be too. It sounds as if Callahan has four quality running backs, a senior QB, an improved offensive line and some tall receivers on offense. On defense the linebackers could be spectacular, the D-line should be solid (only questions are the tackles but I think they'll be good). The secondary has some things to prove, but all in all the Blackshirts should be tough. The Huskers really need to blow out a couple of opponents so Callahan can get some younger guys some experience, particularly the quarterbacks. Somebody needs to be ready to take Zac's place next yaer.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Doc is in

Nebraska fans are going to like Kenneth "Doc" Sadler who was introduced as the new men's basketball coach on Tuesday. He's coached 19 future NBA players during his years as an assistant and head caoch. That's pretty impressive in itself. Of course it's no guarantee he can bring that kind of NBA talent to Lincoln. That remains to be seen. But what ever happens in the next few years, it's going to be fun. Doc is going to make sure of that.

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