Thursday, November 20, 2008

Loss at Texas no surprise

I don't think anyone can be surprised that the Huskers lost at Texas on Wednesday night. The Huskers just didn't match up very well athlete for athlete with the Longhorns. That being said, they did battle to the very end. They played extremely well at times, but those 33 hitting errors were just too many.

The Longhorns had just 13 hitting errors. That's a difference of 20 points in that category alone. That margin needed to be much lower for the Huskers to win the match.

Texas' Destinee Hooker is certainly a special athlete. She's been great in the front row her whole career. Now she's worked hard on her defense and that certainly showed up against the Huskers. Hooker had a number of impressive digs that helped the Longhorns prolong rallies, several of those they turned into points.

The big news though, is the possible loss of Kori Cooper to a knee injury. We'll know more soon, but it doesn't look good. That means redshirt freshman walkon Jordan Wilberger will have to fill in for the rest of the year unless John Cook pulls freshman Allison McNeal out of her redshirt season. I hope that doesn't happen. McNeal is loaded with potential and it would be a shame for her to lose a year of eligibility for just a handful of matches.

On the other hand, if McNeal can help the Huskers to the Final Four maybe it would be worth while. It's a tough call to make. That's why Cook gets paid the big bucks.

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