Thursday, September 15, 2005

Husker volleyball

Outstanding performance by the NU volleyball team on Sunday when the Huskers swept No. 4 Penn State. This is a team that is loaded with talent and should only get better. It will be a big disappointment to them if they don't end the season in San Antonio.

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More Frank

Some of you out there (and you know who you are) still hold some very deep, hostile feelings toward former Nebraska coach Frank Solich. And you can't understand why I can't let Solich go. I have. It's over, and I've said it again and again, but some of you just won't listen. Those with those hostile feelings probably need some therapy of some kind. I hope you get if before you go off the deep end. Bill Callahan is now the Nebraska coach, and I wish him well. It's a lot more fun to watch a winning team than a losing one. That's it for now on this subject. I'm off to watch the "Frank Solich Show" on the Internet.

And please, if you find any errors in this blog, good for you. I really don't care. It's a blog.

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Fearless Frankie

Ohio struggled offenisvely in their 16-10 OT win over Pit, but nobody in Athens cares. The Bobcats won the game and that's all that matters. Even Husker fans who were happy to see Frank Solich ousted from NU should feel good for a guy who gave his life to Nebraska football. I spoke to several Grand Island residents - not necessarily Husker fans - who were as happy as I was with the Bobcats' victory.

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Boomer Sooner

Here we are just a few hours into the football season and already one of the Big 12's big boys has gone down to defeat -- and to the Horned Frogs of all teams. Maybe TCU is a lot better than we thought. Maybe OU isn't nearly as good. Can't help but wonder what Husker fans think of the Sooners going down. Personally I'm a bit disappointed on one hand, on the other hand David slaying Goliath is what college football is all about.

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