Saturday, September 15, 2007

Husker fans

Lee Corso loves Nebraska fans. He said more than once Saturday while in Lincoln for GameDay that Nebraska has the best fans in the country. Those fans showed that class when ESPN ran a feature on USC kicker Mario Danelo who was killed a few days after USC's win over Michigan in the Rose Bowl. Nebraska fans were quiet throughout the feature, and gave a nice round of applause when it was over. I hope T.J. Simers was around to see it.

I also witnessed some telling of that famed Nebraska hospitality with fans, many who appeared to be students, telling USC fans good luck. I saw two students who appeared to ambush a USC fan and pretend to shoot him with foam Husker fingers. Then one of the young men said "Thanks for coming and good luck tonight" before taking off in search of his next victim.

Posted by Bob Hamar @ Saturday, September 15, 2007 ||

Several USC friends I spoke with said that they were treated exceptionally well in Lincoln.....
Also, to those of you in Nebraska...everybody I know in L.A. can't stand T.J. Simmers. His sports columns take off on everybody/including USC and UCLA. He's trying to be a comic, and enjoys getting fan all worked-up.
Again, thanks for the the good sportsmanship in Nebraska. You truly understand the game of football.
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