Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Doing the best he can.

There's been enough talk about Cortney Grixby already. Here's a young man, a leader of the team, who is playing his hardest and doing the best he can. Poor guy is out there in the open for everybody to see. We all know about his lack of size. We all know about his limitations. I just want to know what people expect he coaches to do. Does anyone actually think that Nebraska has somebody better to put out there? The coaches aren't stupid. They will put their best guys on the field. The coaches say the young D-backs just aren't ready yet.
If they were ready, we'd be seeing them on the field more. We're seeing just how much the loss of Zack Bowman has changed the NU defense. Cosgrove now can't do some of the things he would like to be doing.
The fact is this is where Nebraska football is right now. The Huskers aren't going to beat everybody 49-0, but they can still be a solid football team.

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