Saturday, November 11, 2006

Are they back?

Are they back? That's the question we heard about the Huskers after the narrow loss to Texas. Then they go to Oklahoma State and get waxed in the fourth quarter, and we knew they weren't back - at least back to the level of the 1990s. The truth is, Nebraska has a good team this year, not great by any means, but good. Someday the Huskers will be great again, but don't expect them to be great like they were in the '90s with three national titles in four years. That kind of dominance just doesn't happen very often, and will be even more difficult to achieve in today's college football world.

Today the Huskers get another shot at respect when they play at Texas A&M. It's an important program for the Huskers. A win would clinch the Big 12 North title. A loss would leave them staring at a possible 8-5 record heading into a bowl game. Somehow, 9-4 is just so just light years better than 8-5.

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