Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Great match up

We've waited a long time for this - Nebraska vs. Oklahoma for the Big 12 title. When this league was formed, no one could have guessed it would be this long before both teams made the championship game in the same year. Of course in the early days of the Big 12 the Sooners weren't very good. Then Bob Stoops came and worked his magic. About that time the Huskers were suffering through the end of the Solich era and the beginning of the Callahan era.

Now we finally get the Huskers vs. the Sooners. It's a tough match up for NU. The Sooner defense started the season slowly, but has been coming on strong late in the season. The offense may not be spectacular without Adrian Peterson and Brett Bomar, but it's still solid.

Hang on. It's going to be fun no matter what happens.

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