Friday, November 23, 2007

Folsom Filed Blues?

Here we are, the Friday after Thanksgiving and we're sitting in the press box at F0lsom Field in Colorado. It's kind of a strange feeling here in what might be Bill Callahan's last game as head coach at Nebraska.

There really should be no joy for anyone if Callahan does indeed get fired. You get the impression that many fans will be glad to see him go, but you know Callahan didn't want things to go this way. He worked hard to try and make the program a success. No one is more disappointed than he is with what has transpired this season.

A win at Colorado would be a great way to finish the regular season, but a win probably won't sway intermim athletic director Tom Osborne's opinion. Osborne has said he'd wait until after the season to evaluate the coaching staff. What he surely meant is he would wait until after the season to talk about his evaluation of the coaching staff.

Sometime in the near future we'll know the direction the Husker program is headed. We can only trust that Osborne once again makes the right call.

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