Thursday, November 29, 2007

New interim head coach

The headlines Thursday morning were startling headlines like "Osborne is interim head coach" certainly get your attention. No, Tom Osborne isn't going to be actually coaching this year. He's just smartly using his name to help lure recruits to Lincoln.

It seems that as interim head coach, Osborne can go out recruiting while he waits for his new coach to become available (or so it seems). He can also keep recruiting after the new coach is named, quite possibly early next week.

Osborne can be a huge plus in recruiting. Not many schools have living legends on their athletic staff. Certainly any Nebraska-raised player will be impressed if Osborne comes to their house, sits in their living room and tells them why Nebraska is still the place to go.

Yes, I know, Osborne hasn't coached since 1997. Ten years ago, today's potential recruits were just 7- or 8-years old. They probably don't remember those championship seasons all that well. But their parents do. What parent wouldn't be impressed if Dr. Tom showed interest in their son?

So far in his first six weeks as interim athletic director, it seems like Osborne has handled everything perfectly. Now his most important decision is just around the corner. If he picks the right head coach, things could get turned around in a hurry. Here's betting that we won't hear anything about "changing the culture" this time around.

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