Sunday, December 02, 2007

Pelini feels right

No doubt about it. This just feels right.

Bo Pelini said all the right things Sunday when he was introduced as Nebraska's next football coach. One friend suggested he just said the right things - like a politician always tries to tell you what you want to hear. There may be some truth to that. We can't really know just yet.

All I can say is it felt right. I got the same feeling when Doc Sadler was introduced as the new basketball coach not much more than a year ago. I think Doc can take the Nebraska program to a place it hasn't been before.

Of course Bo is different. The Husker football program has been at the top of the college football program. Now Bo will try to lead it back to that spot.

This isn't to say that Steve Pederson made a mistake four years ago in not hiring Pelini. There was a feeling at the time - and obviously Pederson felt it - that Pelini wasn't ready to be a head coach. Since then, he's spent time with Bob Stoops at Oklahoma and les Miles at LSU. He is more ready now than he was then. There's no doubt about that.

Nebraska may never get back to the dominance it displayed in the 1990s. Realistic Nebraska fans don't expect national championships every year. But you want to be competitive at the national level, and the Huskers haven't been there for a while.

Something tells me that Pelini is the right guy and that he's going to be at Nebraska for a long time. Just hang with him. Don't bail like some LSU fans who are glad to see him gone because the Tigers didn't shut out every opponent this season. That's just not the way this whole thing works.

Pelini is a good defensive football coach. We will see how he works out as a head coach.

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