Friday, December 07, 2007

Staff has familiar names

New Nebraska football coach Bo Pelini is building his staff in a hurry. Some of those names are quite familiar to Husker fans. Ron Brown, Barney Cotton and Marvin Sanders were assistants for Frank Solich until Steve Pederson hired Callahan.

And of course Pelini was defenisve coordinator under Solich in 2003 as well. That means four of the members on the new staff were also on that 2003 staff. Anybody else wonder what that staff could have done if it had been given the chance?

Of course in the end it doesn't matter. The past is the past and cannot be changed. We don't know what Solich and his staff would have done so there is not much use to speculate about it. I do know this: It just felt wrong when Solich was fired. I felt like somebody had hit me in the gut when I heard the news.

But now, with Tom Osborne back in the picture and the hiring of Pelini, things feel right again. Lincoln Journal-Star columnist Steve Sipple said this week on the radio that the past four years have just felt uncomfortable around the Husker program. Now, things are comfortable again.

Posted by Bob Hamar @ Friday, December 07, 2007 ||

I have heard there is interest in hiring Jimmy Williams from the University of Buffalo staff. Has there been any movement to accomplish this? What coaching position would Jimmy Williams hold if he were hired? He is currently the defensive coordinator at Buffalo. I understand Bo Pelini will be making the defensive calls, but couldn't Jimmy Williams be the defensive coordinator?
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